8-13 year olds – Join the ‘Swim Club’

8-13 year olds – Join the ‘Swim Club’

Off the Hoek Junior and Senior Swim Club

Stroke Development and Correction Classes

Developing your child’s cardiovascular fitness and building muscular strength, speed and endurance. Not to mention self-confidence, leadership, focus and a generally happy child!

8-13 year olds who can do some of the strokes will suit these classes. Instructors will teach them how to do the rest.

(Please bring your child to one class so that we may assess their ability and place them into a class accordingly).

*They will learn:

~ STAMINA: to Swim numerous lengths on their own

~ CORRECT TECHNIQUE: to perfect the 4 FINA strokes and skills required for competing:

Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast-Stroke and Butterfly, Diving and Tumble turns

Outcomes for your child: Fitness, Strength, Self-confidence, Leadership, Self-Discipline, Improvement at school with concentration, reading and writing all through the wonderful meditative motion of Swimming.

As an established Swimming Instructor once said to me: “Show me a competitive swimmer who does not do well academically”.

Goals may include fun, general fitness and body tone, competing in Gala’s in Primary & at High School Level, National Gala’s and in Sporting area’s such as Triathlone’s.

Contact Shea and she can discuss any questions you may have.

othswim@gmail.com or 084 910 7920

We will  assess their skill level during the first class and we swim from there!

We are looking forward to meeting and teaching you!